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Proofreading and Editing for Academic, Business and Publishing Clients

Academic Editorial Services can help you to improve the clarity and quality of your writing projects.

  • An editor can help improve your writing by reducing wordiness, checking for sexist language, slang, jargon or use of first person, checking that all cited references are included in the reference list and that there are entries for all citations in the text.
  • An editor will also help ensure sentences are grammatically correct, meanings are clear, consistent formats apply and there is consistency in style and language. A structural review of the content will assist the logical sequence of material and placement of tables and figures. If your document needs to meet certain word limits or requires set standards for presentation then an editor can ensure that these are met.
  • An editor's skills will put the final polish on your work and can enhance your written expression and ensure correct choice of words.

A clear, concise and logical writing style can accurately communicate your message and understanding to your intended audience, without the distraction of poor presentation. See this site for an overview of what editors can do for your writing.

Academic Editorial Services specialises in:
  • Journal articles
  • Multi-author projects
  • Non-fiction books
  • Academic writing
  • Business documents
  • Research papers
  • Website content
  • Monographs
  • Reports
  • Learning resources

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Authenticity of Academic Writing  

Academic writing must be the original work of the author / student / candidate. Most universities require students to sign a statement to this effect and some universities require that students seek their supervisor's approval before using professional editing services. At Academic Editorial Services we aim to enhance the writer's work to present the best possible product, but we do not do major rewriting or research on behalf of clients submitting work for academic awards. Top



Updated June 19, 2017