5 Best Online Course Sites For Those of You Preparing for the 2018 National Examination

5 Best Online Course Sites For Those of You Preparing for the 2018 National Examination

It doesn’t feel like for those of you who are now sitting in class XII, soon you will face the computer-based UN 2018. Nervous? Take it easy, for those of you who are confused about how to study properly to prepare for the UN besides studying at school. You can visit the 5 online course sites below and all of these online course sites are in Indonesian. Please note that the online course sites below are free or paid, but don’t worry, the prices are really affordable with your pocket.

Come on, see the reviews of the 5 best online course sites for those of you who are preparing for the 2018 National Examination.

1. Zenius

Zenius.net is a website where you can learn fun by watching thousands of videos for each subject and discussing questions from elementary, junior high school, high school, national exams, SBMPTN, to independent exams for various state universities such as SIMAK UI and USM STAN.

So besides the National Examination, you can also learn about the SBMPTN for those of you who are interested in entering state universities. This Zenius can be accessed for free or paid (premium), please visit the Zenius website from the link above for more information.

2. Quipper

Quipper also uses an online video learning base, slightly different from Zenius which uses a digital board in learning videos with clear audio. Meanwhile, on Quipper, the learning video is presented in the form of a tutor / teacher who teaches on the blackboard directly.

Quipper itself consists of 2 types: Quipper Video and Quipper School. To find out the differences and more information, please visit the Quipper website. Oh yeah, now Quipper also has an application on the Google Playstore.

3. Teacher room

Ruang Guru is an online tutoring with complete solutions in just one application. Starting from watching study videos, practice questions, private lessons, tryouts, everything can be accessed via a smartphone. The content is also available for various levels ranging from SD, SMP and SMA according to the national curriculum and is specially designed by the best and experienced teachers.

In addition, in the Teacher Room, there is a tutoring room feature, which makes it easy for you to order online tutors who are experienced in their fields to teach privately to your place. So Ruang Guru, apart from the website version, there is also an application version on the Google Playstore too.

4. DuoLingo

DuoLingo is a website based on applications in this playstore about foreign languages, especially English. So this application contains a combination of audio, visual and also questions about the grammar of a language, you will be taught to remember a new language in a very fun way like playing games in general.

And the most important thing is this application is FREE, so what are you waiting for, study well, because English is not only an international language but also used in exams such as: UN and SBMPTN.

5. Brainly

Have homework but can’t answer and don’t have friends to ask or have searched the internet but can’t find the right answer? Brainly can be the right solution for you. Brainly is a website that allows users to openly ask and answer questions related to lessons at school to other users.

Using this service is quite easy. After signing up (registering), you can immediately ask or answer questions from other Brainly users. Brainly provides three categories of education level, namely elementary, junior high and high school.

The number of choice of subjects provided by Brainly is also quite comprehensive, ranging from mathematics to foreign languages ​​and even art. So it needs to be underlined, Brainly does not provide course material like the sites above but as a place for students to ask school questions and Brainly also has its own application in the playstore, you know.

So, after knowing the 5 online course sites above, you will be more enthusiastic about learning to face the UN, right?

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