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Editing and proofreading testimonials:

Thank you for your wonderful assistance in helping me get across the finish line!!

Social Health Policy PhD, Aus

Thanks Tina for all your assistance. All the best and I hope our paths will cross again.

Business PhD, Aus

Thank you again for all your professional help. I was really happy with the final product and appreciated your input and the quick turn - around times.

Nursing PhD, Aus

Thank you so much. It is sincerely a better thesis for your help and guidance and I have learnt much from the process. It is a bit surreal. …. You must get this a lot but you feel more like a friend than someone doing their job. J ( I mean this in a good way).

Nursing PhD, Aus

Thank-you soo very much again… I am soo fortunate to have found you!

I am extremely happy with everything you have done so far…You are amazing. Kind regards and many thanks for your great work.

Nursing PhD, Aus

Thanks again, take care, I'll definitely recommend you to other phd-ers.

Nursing PhD, Canada

Thank you for all your skilled and dedicated work on the booklet '...'. Without your expert assistance, the booklet would never have been ready on time or in proper format ... Thanks largely to your expert editing, the reaction to the book has been highly favourable.

Military history author, Aus

Just thought I’d send you a quick email to let you know that the PhD has now passed and graduation is in December. One of the examiners commented on the great editorial support. Thank you so much again for your assistance with editing my thesis. Could not have made those last few miles without your support.

Nursing PhD, Aus

Thanks Tina - I was really happy with your work

PhD candidate, Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy, Aus

Just want to say you do an outstanding job of editing. I am one happy customer :)

Business faculty, Aus

Thanks Tina for your services, kind words and helpful comments. It was a pleasure working with you.

Computer Science PhD, Aus

Thank you for such wonderful feedback I will certainly take this into consideration!

Please let me know how much I need to pay for the edition of the text.  Again, THANK YOU for such constructive feedback.

Global Communication Manager | PhD Student at Ghent University Belgium

Thank you so much again for all your assistance with editing, it made a very arduous process a lot less painful and I couldn’t have done it without you.

Nursing PhD, Aus

Tina, All excellentmany thanks from the student but especially from myself ... student learnt much as alterations were considered.

PhD supervisor, Education, Aus

Wow, you are awesome. You immediately identified some of my bad writing habits - overly-complex and duplicating everything :) I was "trained" in my graduate work by a postcolonial, feminist scholar who is a fan of dense writing - but it doesn't help me get funded!!!... Attached is a 13 page proposal. It did not get funded in the last round and so I will be working on it some more. Before I start, though, I would appreciate it if you could do your amazing “word whispering” :)

—Nursing faculty, Canada

What a magnificent job you have done. Words are inadequate to express my thanks. Thank you again for the superb and patient work you have done... can't believe what you've done with the document - it is fantastic.

—Education PhD, Aus

Do you constantly have people telling you how brilliant you are? If not, then you should! Thanks for what you did to my scribbles--made me sound the way I wanted.

—Self-publishing health author, Aus

Thanks Tina and thanks for your speedy work on this.
—Nursing faculty, Aus

Thank you so much for that candid assessment.  I understand completely and agree with you.  It was so refreshing to get a 'real' answer, it is difficult to find one's way through the publishing maze and every hint helps, thanks for taking the time.
-—Health author, Aus

Tina, You're an amazing lady - honest and extremely helpful. You're right, there are different types of writings... I'd like to keep your details on file for future reference. In the meantime, please let me know how much I owe you for the sample work you have done.

-—Online Business Owner, Aus

Hello Tina,
Thank-you SO much for your unfailing help with my looks fabulous all printed up.  I handed it in on Monday at daughter photographed the event! .... I have been mentioning your name and recommending you to others.....your ears should be burning overtime! No doubt there will be corrections to be made, especially with Endnote, when it is finally examined.  May I call on you then, please?

—Education PhD, Aus

Hi Tina, You are a wizz - it is perfect and can now go to the uni printers for the final bound copies to be done. I really appreciate your help and so quickly too. Pls send via email your account and I will fix asap.
—Honours thesis, Aus

I don't know how to let you know how much your prompt assistance meant to me. It is gone to [supervisor]!!!!!! I owe you big time. If I could see you I would give you a hug. I have to make a cup of tea, as I am a non drinker! We have had quite a day. I hope you will still let me bring my editing to you in the future. I look forward to your bill as you are priceless.
—Nursing PhD, Canada

You are a wordsmith!
—Nursing postgraduate, Aus

On behalf of the committee I would like to thank you for the effort you have put into ensuring our report was presented well and in the format required.
—Non-profit community group committee, Aus

Many thanks for all your help, I plan to get some edits on journal papers with you.

—Nursing PhD, Canada

Thanks again for a job well done.
—Computing Science PhD, Aus

Thank you for all your wonderful work. All the very best for the future
—Education PhD, US

With many thanks for all your hard work, time, effort, patience, encouragement and support with my thesis. You did a fantastic job with my thesis and I cannot thank you enough.
—Nursing Masters, Aus

I'd like to thank you for the excellent work you put into helping me finish this document. Your professional 'eye' has contributed to making this thesis a much better one than it would otherwise have been.
—Education PhD, Aus

I have put the book together the way you suggested (I think) and read it last night. It is fantastic! - so much better than the original. You've taken out all the extraneous nformation that wasn't needed and kept the thread so that the reader understands what the book is meant to be telling them. I wasn't bored reading this version like I was the first one. You have done a great job - thanks so much.
—Health author, Aus

Thank you very much for your work on the document and your promptness with such. We were very happy with the points that you made and things you picked up. Your work on this is greatly appreciated and most helpful.
—Government health organisation, Aus

Please let me reassure you that I have been entirely convinced by the thorough work that you have done, and that I am happy to recommend your services, should the occasion arise.
—Computing Science PhD, Aus

Much appreciated your help and assistance.
—Health Science Masters, Aus

This has been an interesting exercise. I appreciate your hard work and support.
—Education EdD, Aus

I will be using your skills to help with the next phase and the future publications.
—Health PhD, Aus

I'm sorry you must do so much work but thank you very much for giving me so much help.
—Law undergraduate, Aus

What a blast! You did a beautiful job. I can see where I went wishy washy, thank you so much. I'm lost for words, you did a brilliant job! Don't ever go away, I'd be totally lost ithout you! Thank you for doing such a beautiful job with the annotated bibliography. That was brilliant!!! Thank you so much.
—Undergraduate creative writing, Aus

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