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How to use the service

  • To provide a fast editing service most clients choose to email documents to AES and receive edited work by the same method. The following steps relate to this approach but if you prefer other methods please contact AES with your request.
  • Complete the request form detailing the specifics of your project-due date, word count of total project (if known), number of pages, number of references/tables/figures, specifications of what level of editing you want AES to undertake, software program and version used to create document, style of referencing/university's preferred formatting website/details, how you learnt about AES.
  • Attach a representative sample of your work (about 5-10 pages from literature review + 2 pages from reference list). A whole chapter is often easier to send.
  • Once AES has completed a FREE sample edit and you are satisfied with the content and style, you read and accept the terms and conditions supplied with the quotation. The method of supply of the document to AES (in one installment or in separate chapters) and the timelines will be mutually negotiated. For large projects a deposit may be required.
  • Once AES has completed editing each chapter/section of your project it will be returned to you for review and to accept or reject changes indicated and to clarify any issues/supply missing details (for example reference citation details). As required/requested, the reviewed document is then returned to AES for compilation into the total thesis/document once all chapters/sections are edited and reviewed.
  • Each time an edited file is sent you will be asked to acknowledge that you have received it. This prevents delays from documents 'going missing' in cyberspace.
  • If a few small changes are required once the document has been completed this will be under taken at no cost to the client. For substantial changes or additions to the original edited document normal editing rates will apply.
  • You will then be invoiced for the completed work. Large projects completed over a longer period will be invoiced monthly or as negotiated.

Hints for working with an AES editor 

  • Be open to editing suggestions.
  • Please try to send AES your work on time—all projects are booked into a schedule so that sufficient time is allowed for each client.
  • Please keep AES informed if you are delayed in submitting your work-—we can usually work around problems but it helps to know of any difficulties.
  • Remember that this is a professional arrangement and acceptance of the terms requires payment of the invoice within the time specified. If this is a problem then please contact AES so that something mutually suitable can be established.
  • I aim to provide quality editing and to ensure that the finished product meets your expectations. I cannot guarantee total perfection, despite our best efforts I am only human! On completion of the project, if you are not happy with our editing please let me know so that we can address any problems (at no additional cost).

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