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Useful links for academic / non-fiction writers

There are many excellent websites offering guidelines for grammar use - try some of the following suggestions.

Writing academic journal articles

These short pieces sum up the key tips that will help you write your article Scholarly writing, Scientific writing. Here is one that takes a lighthearted look at what NOT to do.

write-that-journal-article-in-7-days-12742195 (Au) Dr Inger Mewburn (Thesiswhisperer) offers lots of practical advice via this series of posts; there are many others available here on similar academic writing topics.


Purdue University Online Writing Lab (US) This website provides a listing of all the valuable writing guides. This particular page clearly outlines what is involved in paraphrasing


 The Free Dictionary by Farlax (US) This is useful website to test your knowledge of spelling and synonyms. It also comes as an app for your smartphone!

Common Errors in English (US) This site by Professor Paul Brians from Washington State University details common problems and how to avoid them

Guide to Grammar and Writing (US) A general resource to clarify grammatical problems

APA Research Style Crib Sheet (US) Summarises the main format and referencing specifications of APA style

APA Referencing Style (Aus) A useful summary of key APA referencing formats

The Elements of Style (William Strunk Jr) A classic little book promoting simplicity and conciseness in written expression

These sites have a useful list of words to help link your paragraphs Transition words, Linking words and phrases

For a list of 50 redundant phrases to avoid in your writing check out this link

This site was recommended by Karen Sullivan and her students at

Pathway to Empowerment as a useful overview of the essential components of APA writing style


The Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd) This site offers a summary of the Australian standards applicable to editors. Revised in 2011 by the Institute of Professional Editors and approved by the Deans and Directors of Graduate is a policy guiding the use of professional editors for thesis editing Editing research theses

Writing and presenting your dissertation or thesis (US) An excellent resource

If you are battling with a way to insert a portait page number on a landscape page then this YouTube video (US) will be a sanity saver! watch?v=SYZi8T_bVpU

This site provides an article aimed at keeping the PhD journey in context 'It's a PhD, not a Nobel Prize'

How to write a PhD thesis (Aus) Another excellent guide

How not to write a thesis (UK) an article from Times Higher Education that provides tips to avoid failure.

How to write a dissertation or bedtime reading for people who do not have time to sleep this site offers some suggestions to help you write a succsessful PhD thesis, although writen for Computer Science it has some very helpful general advice

PhD : First thoughts to finished writing A site developed by the University of Queensland and offering a range of tips

This website provides a forum to discuss various thesis issues (Au) The Thesis Whisperer;it also has a multitude of links to other sources relating to graduate research and writing

The following two sites were recommended by Hannah Vaughn in the US. ‘The only way to find out how to do a PhD is to do one. Therefore all advice is useless’ ‘Online PhD: Musings on the lives of doctoral students and resources for the entire PhD experience’



'Your brain map: 84 strategies for accelerated learning This wonderful site operated by Open Colleges has an interactive exploration of the brain and its functions. They also have an Open Colleges blog - InformED - that has useful tips and resources for anyone interested in learning and ideas. Highly recommended Australian site.

Study guides and strategies (US) General suggestions to develop good study habits and strategies

Australian Society of Authors  A range of downloadable papers providing guidance about getting published

updated June 19, 2017