Using Paid Online Proofreading Services

Using Paid Online Proofreading Services

My experience in using a paid online proofreading service for the first time was quite positive. To begin with, at that time we were preparing a scientific article manuscript to be published in a reputable journal (Q1). As it turned out, one of the items on the submission check list contained a requirement regarding proofreading. This journal published by Springer requires that the submitted manuscript has gone through a proofreading process by a competent party.

Did you have the manuscript checked by a native English speaker who is familiar with the topic of the paper?*
*first item on submission checklist

At first, we were pretty confident with the Grammarly premium account that I had to deal with grammar issues with the script. However, because there are very specific requirements that must be checked by a proofreader prediksi togel jitu, we decided to look for a suitable service online. It was a bit confusing because what was asked for was not only English speakers, but also those who had to be familiar with topics in the field of pharmaceutical science. But after googling and simple research with a little comparative analysis (including price comparisons), we finally decided to take advantage of the services of Cambridge Proofreading.

Factors in choosing a proofreading service

Based on experience in using these paid online proofreading services, there are several factors that should be considered in choosing an online proofreading service. These factors and considerations also made our choice to go to Cambridge proofreading.

First Factor: Price

There are several aspects that affect the price of this proofreading service. The most important aspect is the volume of the manuscript to be examined which is counted in word count. The next aspect is the processing time that we provide to service providers, where the shorter the time given, the more expensive the service costs.

With consideration of these two aspects, I consider that the price given is fairly cheap. For example, a scientific article manuscript for an international journal with a word count of 2,500 only costs about 50 USD to process 2-3 days. In general, researchers already have a budget for the costs of writing and publishing scientific articles. Not infrequently, authors can also receive writing incentives from their institutions which can be used to cover the cost of this proofreading. So, 50 dollars can be fairly cheap for this job.

Second Factor: Processing speed

The number of time options given makes consumers free to choose according to their needs. This time range ranges from 12 hours to 72 hours. In my opinion, just choose the longest time option because the price is the cheapest. Uniquely, our experience shows that even though we ordered a service within a 72 hour timeframe, it was completed in less than 48 hours.

Third Factor: Proofreader Expertise

Their website presents a very good proofreader profile that includes names and educational backgrounds, most of which are PhDs in various fields of science. This is reinforced by the experience statistics and the number of papers they have worked on as editors/proofreaders which number in the hundreds. I tried to search via Google, it turns out that the person is indeed valid hehe…

As an experience, their proofreading of our manuscripts (field of pharmaceutical science) did show that they understood the concepts and terminology in the research we were doing. In other words, they not only fix problems of grammar, grammar, typography and the like, but also on content and substance. Thus, I can conclude that those who did the proofreading of our manuscripts were indeed people who were familiar with pharmaceutical science. So, no need to worry about the quality of the work anymore.

Fourth Factor: Ease of service

Getting this online proofreading service is fairly easy at every stage. Starting from the price simulation, uploading the script, to the payment is very practical. For example, the form for uploading the script is straightforward. Payment is also very easy using a debit or credit card in a matter of one or two minutes. Then, communication and notifications via email are received instantly at every stage of the service, which is very clear. This ease and clarity keeps us from feeling anxious. To conclude, its worry free…

Fifth Factor: Extra service

The following few simple things are strong indicators that proofreading service providers are serious about providing their best service. For example, they provide proofreading Office Word (.docx) documents in 2 versions: “tracked” and “clean”. The “tracked” version allows us to find out our mistakes in writing and the corrections they provide. Comments written on this document sometimes also provide information and lessons for us, for example regarding the use of correct punctuation. Meanwhile, the “clean” version is a manuscript that is correct and clean of corrections so that we can proceed to the next stage towards the submission process to the publisher.

Invoices and certificates are also simple things that are sometimes needed in the administrative process of scientific writing. For example an invoice for a claim for issuance costs. Then a proofreading certificate may be needed at any time if the publisher requests proof of proofreading from an authorized service provider.

Easy tips to reduce proofreading costs

To get optimal proofreading results, the quality of the manuscript that we prepare is the main determining factor. The use of ambiguous sentences or phrases will confuse the proofreader so that their work can be invalid and not conclusive. Nevertheless, related to the price of the service, there are several efforts that can be made to reduce the cost of proofreading services:

– Avoid working on preparing manuscripts with time approaching the deadline, so you can choose the longest timeframe option for proofreading work. Remember that the shorter the processing time given, the more expensive the processing costs
– Eliminate the bibliography section of manuscripts uploaded for proofreading. In general, the bibliography is not an important part of proofreading. It can also reduce the number of words quite significantly
– Avoid using citation style with author-year system and replace it with number system. For example, change from APA style to Vancouver. It aims to reduce the number of words in the text. In general, this is very easy to do if you use a reference manager like Mendeley and EndNote.

Those are my tips and experiences in using paid online proofreading services. Good luck…!

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