What is Proofreading? These are things you need to know

What is Proofreading? These are things you need to know

What is proofreading? For those who wrestle in the world of writing, the term proofreading is certainly not a strange thing. Proofreading is one of the stages in writing before it can finally be published.

Proofreading service providers or what are sometimes referred to as proofreaders have a crucial role for writers and their works. To understand more about proofreading, see the following reviews.

What is proofreading?

Proofreading or sometimes called a read-test is to re-read an article, its purpose is to check whether there are errors in the text.

The mistakes referred to here include misuse of punctuation marks, spelling, consistency in the use of names or terms, to hyphenation.

You may feel that this reading stage is tantamount to the editing done by the editors. However, they are different.

Editing focuses more on the linguistic aspect, while proofreading in addition to the linguistic aspect, must also pay attention to the content or substance of an article.

So, proofreading doesn’t just highlight punctuation or spelling mistakes, but also the logic of writing, whether it makes sense or not.

The job of a proofreader

From the previous point, you can already tell that the job of a proofreading is not just correcting spelling or punctuation. A proofreader must also be able to ensure that the writing he is testing and reading can be logically accepted and understood.

He must be able to recognize whether a sentence is effective or not, the order is correct or not, to ensure that the substance of a writing can be understood by the reader.

Say a proofreader gets an assignment to read-test a translated text. The resulting output is a text that is easy to understand even for people who do not know the language of the translation text.

In conclusion, the job of a proofreader is to make the text easy for the reader to understand and not lose its initial substance.

Why proofreading?

Proofreading is a writing stage that you shouldn’t miss. Especially if you intend to publish your written work to a wide audience. A proofreader will help you to correct any mistakes in your writing.

You may find it difficult to find these mistakes because basically it is difficult to separate the writer from the work. Most likely you will feel the writing is correct and worthy of publication.

However, proofreaders are neutral, they certainly have different experiences and knowledge from yours. A proofreader will assess your work objectively.

He will act as a “reader” and judge whether your writing is understandable or convoluted. Hopefully, after passing the proofreading stage, your work will be easier for readers to understand.

Connect with a proofreading service provider

Want to proofread your writing? No need to worry, now there are many proofreading service providers. Some are in-house proofreaders for publishing companies, others choose to become freelance proofreaders. For those of you who don’t want to get too attached, freelance proofreaders are the most appropriate option.

Freelance proofreaders will assist you in proofreading without having to deal with a publishing company. To connect with freelance proofreaders, use Fastwork.id.

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